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Melba Consogno


After trying several brands of gelato and ice-cream all around New York City, I realized that something was largely missing: a tasteful yet lean and natural option.  
Preserving the fullness of the flavors while striving for the healthiest formulation with extensive use of organic and natural product became the mission of TreLune Dolci, in the summer of 2021. 

TreLune Dolci sticks to the traditional Italian artisanal method but not a single day pass without thinking of how we can improve our product. We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction but also to something that transcend any measurable metric: we put our heart in our gelato. People from all parts of the world, tasted our product and somehow, in some way, the taste of our gelato evoked memories from their childhood, from their home. This is what we do: we try make you feel home, no matter where you come from. A scoop at the time.