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Tre Lune Dolci is an artisanal Italian gelato company based in New York City. We produce small batches, with hand-picked, carefully selected ingredients. Our gelatos are made with primarily organic and all-natural ingredients, with no preservatives and no artificial colors. 

The delicious creamy flavor comes from the fresh, premium dairy products from an Upstate NY farm that does not use pesticides, insecticides, and artificial growth hormones.
Almost all the recipes we offer, do not contain eggs, allowing the flavors to shine through. 

Gelato contains fewer calories, less sugar, and lower butterfat per serving than ice cream (4% to 9% butterfat in gelato compared to 14 to 25% in ice cream) and is denser, more elastic, and fluid because it is churned at a slower speed to incorporate less air.

The lower butterfat content does not coat the palate so that you can better taste the flavor of the gelato. Despite its density, the lower butterfat content helps to create a perfect balance between lightness and creaminess. 

Trelune Dolci offers a catering option for corporate and personal events and can produce custom flavors on request: we will personally work with you to get the best frozen treat you will ever have.

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